Start/Sit Questions Week one Answered

I’ll be updating this post as the day progresses.

Who Should I start? Drew Brees or Kirk Cousins -Carter B.

This one is easy, Brees. He has more weapons this year with Michael Thomas and Fleener, and the Raiders D shouldn’t be a problem.

Zach Ertz or Gary Barnidge? -Zach R.

Zach Ertz. A rookie QB will target his TE more than usual, and Ertz was already the better option.

Pierre Garcon or Derrick Henry? – Riley F.

Garcon. The Titans coach said early this week that Murray was the lead back. Barring an injury to Murray, Garcon should see more snaps and touches/targets than Henry.

Is Kirk Cousins a QB1 this week? – Beau J.

Yes, he is. The Steelers defense is porous, and Cousins should excel this week.

Marvin Jones or Eric Decker? – Jack B.

Jones. The Lions are facing the 27th ranked passing defense, and Stafford has been praised throughout the preseason.

Eddie Lacy or Matt Forte? – Beau J.

Eddie Lacy easily. Lacy is the better back, and has a better match up.

Bennett or Barnidge?  – Beau J.

Bennett is going to take the role of Gronk today. That is all.


Teddy Bridgewater Rapid Reaction

At around 3pm ET today Vikings franchise QB Teddy Bridgewater suffered a serious non-contact knee injury. Many local sports reporters are especially  worried due Mike Zimmer, Minnesota’s head coach, immediately canceling practice after Bridgewater went down.

According to sources, reporters could “hear a pin drop” while trainers attended to the quarterback. Another ominous sign of a serious injury was that an Ambulance transported him to a local hospital.

As of 4:12 ET Teddy Bridgewater’s torn ACL was confirmed by multiple reporters. Prior to this news, the Vikings were a popular pick to go to the playoffs, and some even predicted a Superbowl run. Now a winning season seems to be the ceiling for Minnesota.

As for Adrian Peterson’s fantasy value, it stays in relatively the same area. Bridgewater was still only a game manager, so the 31-year old’s carries should not be affected much. In my opinion, fewer carries would actually INCREASE Peterson value. Peterson has the second most carries out of all running backs who have played eight years or less in the NFL. Since his record breaking 2012 season, the Oklahoma alum has posted three of the four lowest Pro Football Focus grades of his career. In line with those statistics, he has not run for over 4.5 YPC the past three years.

Laquon Treadwell and Stefon Diggs both suffered a decrease in value. Though Bridgewater never was the primary offensive player on the team, his accuracy and vision will be missed. Diggs’ value is especially  hampered due to how much he excelled on short and intermediate routes last year with Bridgewater.

Fantasy reasoning aside, I think we can all hope for a quick and successful recovery for Bridgewater.



John Schooner’s Fantasy Football Rankings 2.0



  1. Cam Newton, CAR
  2. Aaron Rodgers, GB
  3. Russell Wilson, SEA
  4. Ben Roethlisberger, PIT
  5. Andrew Luck, IND
  6. Carson Palmer, ARI
  7. Tom Brady, NE
  8. Drew Brees, NO
  9. Philip Rivers, SD
  10. Andy Dalton, CIN
  11. Tony Romo, DAL
  12. Kirk Cousins, WAS
  13. Derek Carr, OAK
  14. Matthew Stafford, DET
  15. Blake Bortles, JAX
  16. Eli Manning, NYG
  17. Ryan Tannehill, MIA
  18. Brock Osweiler, HOU
  19. Jameis Winston, TB
  20. Matt Ryan, ATL

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Savold’s 2016 Fantasy Football Rankings 2.0

These rankings will be updated weekly as the summer progresses.


  1. Cam Newton, CAR
  2. Aaron Rodgers, GB
  3. Russell Wilson, SEA
  4. Drew Brees, NO
  5. Ben Roethlisberger, PIT
  6. Carson Palmer, ARI
  7. Tom Brady, NE
  8. Andrew Luck, IND
  9. Eli Manning, NYG
  10. Derek Carr, OAK
  11. Matthew Stafford, DET
  12. Philip Rivers, SD
  13. Tony Romo, DAL
  14. Andy Dalton, CIN
  15. Blake Bortles, JAX
  16. Marcus Mariota, TEN
  17. Tyrod Taylor, BUF
  18. Kirk Cousins, WAS
  19. Jameis Winston, TB
  20. Jay Cutler, CHI
  21. Matt Ryan, ATL
  22. Ryan Tannehill, MIA
  23. Joe Flacco, BAL
  24. Brock Osweiler, HOU
  25. Teddy Bridgewater, MIN



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Fantasy Spotlight: Le’Veon Bell

#2 RB: Le’Veon Bell

There has not been a more dynamic starting running back over the past two years than Le’Veon Bell. Unlike fellow star RB Adrian Peterson, Bell is a threat as a receiver and consistently gets 3rd down snaps. In his last full season, Bell recorded 854 receiving yards (1st among RBs) and also finished second among RBs in targets (106). The Michigan State product also is the only back to have a YPC above 4.7 in both of the past two years.

Bell 1

Though the upside with Bell is almost endless, he does have his fair share of risks. In fact, he may post the most risk out of any first round fantasy option. He’s missed at least 3 games in two of his three years and has suffered three leg injuries over the past three seasons. Bell also has been suspended twice for drug violations, and he is one suspension away from a full season ban.

Fans have to one, temper their expectations for Bell and recognize his risks, but two, not completely write him off. Bell is far and away the best running back in the NFL (he received a 94.0 rating from PFF, seven points higher than the second-place finisher). If he stays healthy, he should finish as the #1 back in PPR and standard.


Todd Gurley Player Profile

#1 Todd Gurley, LA: Fans had mixed expectations for Gurley due to his torn ACL prior to his rookie season. After struggling in his NFL debut (six carries for nine yards) Gurley broke out against the sout Arizona defense and ran for 140 yards averaging 7.7 YPC. The Georgia alum finished the year as the fifth highest scoring running back, and posted 1,106 yards and 10 touchdowns. Continue reading

2016 Fantasy Football Running Back Tiers

Every year novice fantasy owners make the mistake of solely using fantasy rankings to draft players. You often hear them say, “Oh, I have to grab a top 20 running back! If I don’t I won’t have a RB2 level player!” In reality, the amount of running backs who obtain a starting grade varies year to year. If 20 different backs are a worthy RB1/2, fantasy would be much simpler.

What causes the inconsistency in their tiers? Everything. Whether it’s coaching changes, injury history, last years production, a talented back up, or age, it all plays into how they are ranked.

Tiers are a better way of looking at positional choices because they give a more accurate look at how much of a drop off you actually have if you were to wait another round before drafting a running back.

Tiers are broken down into ten groups. High-End RB1, Mid RB1, Low-End RB1, High-end RB2, RB2, Startable Flex, Low End Starting RBS, High-End Handcuff, and Hand-Cuff.

Though the difference between two players in rankings may be only one different, the drop off between a High-End RB2 and a normal RB2 is much more staunch.

Here are my running back tiers for 2016

Tier 1: Elite High-End RB1  (3)

Gurley 2

Sophomore RB Todd Gurley is one of the best fantasy options this year.

Le’Veon Bell, PIT

Todd Gurley, STL

Adrian Peterson, MIN

Tier 2: RB1 (4)

Lamar Miller, MIA

Ezekiel Elliott, DAL

David Johnson, ARI

Doug Martin, TB

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