Start/Sit Questions Week one Answered

I’ll be updating this post as the day progresses.

Who Should I start? Drew Brees or Kirk Cousins -Carter B.

This one is easy, Brees. He has more weapons this year with Michael Thomas and Fleener, and the Raiders D shouldn’t be a problem.

Zach Ertz or Gary Barnidge? -Zach R.

Zach Ertz. A rookie QB will target his TE more than usual, and Ertz was already the better option.

Pierre Garcon or Derrick Henry? – Riley F.

Garcon. The Titans coach said early this week that Murray was the lead back. Barring an injury to Murray, Garcon should see more snaps and touches/targets than Henry.

Is Kirk Cousins a QB1 this week? – Beau J.

Yes, he is. The Steelers defense is porous, and Cousins should excel this week.

Marvin Jones or Eric Decker? – Jack B.

Jones. The Lions are facing the 27th ranked passing defense, and Stafford has been praised throughout the preseason.

Eddie Lacy or Matt Forte? – Beau J.

Eddie Lacy easily. Lacy is the better back, and has a better match up.

Bennett or Barnidge?  – Beau J.

Bennett is going to take the role of Gronk today. That is all.


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