Teddy Bridgewater Rapid Reaction

At around 3pm ET today Vikings franchise QB Teddy Bridgewater suffered a serious non-contact knee injury. Many local sports reporters are especially  worried due Mike Zimmer, Minnesota’s head coach, immediately canceling practice after Bridgewater went down.

According to sources, reporters could “hear a pin drop” while trainers attended to the quarterback. Another ominous sign of a serious injury was that an Ambulance transported him to a local hospital.

As of 4:12 ET Teddy Bridgewater’s torn ACL was confirmed by multiple reporters. Prior to this news, the Vikings were a popular pick to go to the playoffs, and some even predicted a Superbowl run. Now a winning season seems to be the ceiling for Minnesota.

As for Adrian Peterson’s fantasy value, it stays in relatively the same area. Bridgewater was still only a game manager, so the 31-year old’s carries should not be affected much. In my opinion, fewer carries would actually INCREASE Peterson value. Peterson has the second most carries out of all running backs who have played eight years or less in the NFL. Since his record breaking 2012 season, the Oklahoma alum has posted three of the four lowest Pro Football Focus grades of his career. In line with those statistics, he has not run for over 4.5 YPC the past three years.

Laquon Treadwell and Stefon Diggs both suffered a decrease in value. Though Bridgewater never was the primary offensive player on the team, his accuracy and vision will be missed. Diggs’ value is especially  hampered due to how much he excelled on short and intermediate routes last year with Bridgewater.

Fantasy reasoning aside, I think we can all hope for a quick and successful recovery for Bridgewater.




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