Todd Gurley Player Profile

#1 Todd Gurley, LA: Fans had mixed expectations for Gurley due to his torn ACL prior to his rookie season. After struggling in his NFL debut (six carries for nine yards) Gurley broke out against the sout Arizona defense and ran for 140 yards averaging 7.7 YPC. The Georgia alum finished the year as the fifth highest scoring running back, and posted 1,106 yards and 10 touchdowns.

Todd Gurley looks to build on his strong rookie season in 2016. In the 13 games he played in, he averaged 85 YPG, which ranked 4th in the NFL. If he were to play all 16 games, his rushing total would have been over 1,300 yards. He also averaged 4.8 YPC (6th).

Statistics aside, Gurley is one of the most talented backs in the NFL. Coming out of college, scouts recognized Gurley’s unique balance between speed, power, and elusiveness which also translated to the NFL. Due to rookie Jared Goff being under center for some of the year, the sophomore RB will be seeing career highs in carries.


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