Quick NFL Fantasy Tips

No matter how close you are to someone, buying a gift for them will always present itself as an issue.

Within your friend group, you will notice a few types gift getters. To start, you have the “gift card guy”. This friend will always get the same twenty dollar apple gift card, no matter who the recipient in. He probably has countless gift cards ready to go in his room, just in case he forgets about it.

Though the “gift card guy” lacks individuality, at least he pulls through with a present. Unlike him, the “It’s coming in the mail guy” consistently has the same line, “Yea man, Amazon said it would come the day before your birthday! God, shipping is so annoying!”. Sorry pal, we see through this BS statement every single time. How? Most likely due to the fact the gift never, ever arrives.

Another common theme is the “here is some random thing I found ten minutes before I left guy”. Prior to leaving his house, this buddy of yours will receive a text from another one of your friends, asking what he is bringing as a present. Then he will say, “Oh is this a gift type party… Oops”. In a panic induced frenzy, “Here is some random thing I found ten minutes before I left guy” will tear through his house looking for the first presentable object he can find.

Lastly, you have the “homemade gift guy”. Though his offering may not be worth much, it is clear he put some actual work into the gift. Let’s put our hands together for the “homemade gift guy”.

For the majority of my life, I had been every type of person, except for the “homemade gift guy”. On a Saturday in October I decided to change that by giving a valuable gift for once. In order to due so, I spent a little time writing down every general piece of fantasy advice that could be applied to any season. Unsurprisingly, Oscar, who received the gift, ended up winning the league that year.

Here are my quick, to the point, fantasy tips. Enjoy.


  • Draft QBs late, but draft two.

Alfred Morris, Sean Lissemore, Jason Hatcher

  • RBs from bad teams and offenses will prove to be inconsistent due to their teams being down early from the start.


  • Always draft handcuffs to your top running backs.


  •  The Waiver Wire cannot lose you a season, but it can win you one.

Example: Odell Beckham Jr. and David Johnson

  • Be one of the first three, or the last two, to draft a TE.


  • Go with your gut, even if ESPN told you not to.


  • Volume and TDs are the most valuable thing to running backs. By week six most teams would kill for a 20 carry a game 10 TD season from their RBs.


  • Draft a kicker in the 2nd to last round.


  • Stream defenses.


  • Le’veon Bell is a monster.


  • If you’re going to take a player that is expected to get high volume for the first time in his career, make sure he can actually do something with it.

Example: Toby Gerhart


  • Deep Threat WRs are inconsistent.

Example: DeSean Jackson


  • The top 10 WR’s have a much smaller chance to bust then the top 10 running backs.

Example: Jeremy Hill, CJ Anderson, Lesean Mccoy, and Montee Ball etc.


  • WRs are QB dependent, no matter how good you think they are, don’t draft a WR that just left a good QB or a WR whose QB is deteriorating.

Example: Demaryius Thomas, Brandin Cooks,  and Eric Decker in 2014


  • If you have to reach to draft a player you think will break out. Do it.


  • Running backs playing for a new team usually have a higher chance to bust.

Example: Mccoy, Murray, and Gerhart.


  • Coaching situation do matter.


  • Don’t draft a Patriots or Broncos RB. Ever.

Example: Montee Ball, CJ Anderson, Knowshon Moreno, Shane Vereen, Legarrette Blount, and Stevan Ridley.

  • Read Savold Fantasy Talk.


  • Don’t undervalue a loss in the offensive line, even for QBs and WRs.

Example: Russell Wilson


  • Target sleepers on your own, then see what ESPN says.


  • Dez Bryant is one of the best wide receivers in the NFL, especially when we’re not talking about fantasy.NS_19CowboysGiants12.jpg


  • Don’t hate a player with weak reasons behind the hatred.


  • Actually research the players you hate MORE then the players you love.


  • Preseason tells you A LOT. Don’t undervalue you it.

  • Don’t wait on a good trade, it could disappear within a few hours.


  • Targets, not catches or yards, can predict who from the waiver wire will continue to produce.


  • If a player has a deep drop, or drop in the endzone, at least he was getting the targets and the drops probably won’t happen again.


  • For the waiver wire, choose the guy that will continue to get a consistent workload.


  • One hit wonders don’t pay off.


  • Look at PPR rankings, value those top guys a little higher than they are ranked in standard scoring.

One thought on “Quick NFL Fantasy Tips

  1. Looking for all the fantasy advice and news I can get my hands on. Like what I read so far……looking forward to more! Thanks!


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