Week 2: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The Good

The Run Game

Third round pick Matt Jones outperformed the Ram’s talented defensive line. Averaging six yards per carry, he ran for 123 yards. This performance marks the second week in a row a Redskins back has rushed for at least 120 yards. Gruden heavily relied on the run game on Sunday; rushing the ball thirty seven times, ten more than the amount of pass plays. Washington totaled 182 yards on runs, and lead the NFL in rushing this year.

The Pass Rush

Even though the Redskins only totaled one sack in St. Louis, the front seven was pressuring Nick Foles consistently. While Foles has a career pass completion percentage of 61 percent, pressure caused him to pass for only 53% last Sunday. Jay Gruden once said, a disruptive pass rush can create more leniency for the secondary. That statement pertained to Sunday’s game, and hopefully to the rest of the season.

The Bad

Jay Gruden’s Play Calling in the 2nd Half

While the Redskins entered halftime with a commanding 17-0 lead. The dominance appeared as if it had come to an end when Kirk Cousins and the offense had a three and out or turnover in three consecutive drives. Though Gruden’s team had no reason to pass with such a large lead, he called passing plays on seven of the  opening eleven plays. These calls were very passive aggressive, with only one ball thrown over fifteen yards. In Miami, we saw Washington abandon the run game too early, which was an elixir to the loss. This week, Mcvay and Gruden will have to be smart in their play calls in order to get the win.

The Ugly

Redskin’s Media Presence

Oh… What a surprise! The Redskins have had a new story on them not related to a game! This week CBS.com reported that Robert Griffin could “not be in the same room as Kirk Cousins”. This report led multiple teammates of Griffin to tweet out their issues with the media, starting nose tackle Terrance Knighton tweeted, “Mann cut the shit” to his four thousand followers. In order for Washington to be taken seriously as a playoff competitor, it is imperative to limit off the field drama. With Griffin remaining on the roster it seems unlikely that the media presence will change. But hey, why not hope?

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